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“I don’t think this is a good idea,” Sarah the squirrel whimpered, dressed in a sports bra, boxing gloves, and padded headgear. Her slim build paled in comparison to both Timber’s cut physique and Kit’s lean gymnast’s body. She was relayed the bright idea of ‘leaving it all in the ring’ by Kit, since that was something that would speak to the blunt boxer. Though the squirrel was now having second thoughts, given how readily they had ‘borrowed’ a ring from one of Timber’s trainers for this little experiment.

“I know, you’ve said that twice already. Was the best one we could come up with, though,” Kit grumbled, dressed up in her Taekwondo gi to help the mood. Sarah’s first words to her was Timber was off to the side, reluctantly dressed up for a boxing match as well.

“Kit, I know you’re trying to help, that’s why I’m dressed up...but maybe we've all learned our lesson."

“I appreciate it too, Kit...but what Sarah's trying to say is we think this is a stupid idea,” Timber grumbled in the corner.

“The fact that you both copped out almost immediately means something. You're both my friends and I'm glad you both feel you have to make up for it. I had no intention of leaving Timber that day, I just wanted some space away from boxing so I was hurt when I heard the news...but yeah, I think this is stupid. I mean, it’ll be a bit before I completely get over it, but is this the best way to try and get over it?” Sarah asked, pointing out that they agreed to see other people because Sarah couldn’t deal with seeing Timber get hurt so often IN boxing matches.

“Yeah, but you don’t wanna leave him. Riiight?” Kit asked, Sarah nodded weakly. "And Timber you're an idiot right?" Kit continued.

"I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed if you want me to admit that..."

"Alright. I’m not too bright either admittedly, and I’m here to own up for my part in things. In a spar, nothing can be misconstrued, this is the only way to really communicate with two fighters,” she said, eyeing both. Timber was very reluctant, but he stepped forward, arms up.

"OK Sarah. Let’s at least humor her...ready when you are," he commented, not wanting to throw the first punch.

"If he doesn't wanna, go for it," Kit hollered. Sarah frowned before hitting Timber's guard with a jab.

"Ouch," the tough wolf grunted, shaking out the hand. Neither Kit or Sarah were too impressed.

"Not sure whose fault that one was," Kit muttered.

"Sorry, I just can't bring myself to want to hurt my wolfie. Not sure I'd do too much damage anyways," she sighed. Timber rubbed the back of his head, not sure how to take this. Kit was worried this would happen, but she had a backup plan and moreover a willingness to put herself on the line.

"Alright, I getcha girl. In my opinion you’re a bit too timid, but I know you got some fire in you under the right circumstances. I've been going about this the wrong way, trying to get you to fight."

"Thank god," Timber started to say when Kit stepped forward, her arms down.

"Give me a good swing."

"Wha?" Sarah questioned in shock.

"Sarah, I know I've apologized to you for my part in what happened, and you’ve forgiven me...but I'm willing to take my lumps.”

Kit shook out her hands as she readied up, Sarah just watching.

“I’m not sure about this…”

“Don’t worry, I can’t get mad. It’s my idea,” she nodded before Sarah nodded back, realizing words were useless at this point and balled her fist. None of the three could expect how hard the shot came in though; it looked unprofessional, but Sarah came with an overhead strike, smashing her knuckles on the top of Kit’s maw. Her legs went wobbly as fell back onto her ass.

Timber looked on, slack jawed as Kit needed a moment to recover herself.

“Are you OK?” Sarah asked, worried she knocked her out cold. A low chuckle escaped the vixen’s maw as she stumbled to her knees.

“Yeah, that’s what I wanted,” she smirked, shaking the cobwebs out of her head as she held her snout. “Good shot girl, hehe. Everything outta your system or did you want a second shot?”

“I’d rather not, that looked really nasty. You should probably stay down, you didn’t look ready to take the hit at all.”

“Heh, honestly you rocked me pretty hard. Still, me and Timber wouldn’t be who we are if we couldn’t take a hit,” she said, stumbling to her feet. The vixen nearly tripped and fell forward, being caught by Timber and Sarah and once.

“You two are hopeless,” Sarah sighed. Just then it hit her- her close friend and boyfriend were a couple of instinct-drive jocks. They both meant well and were now doing their best to help. “How did this not happen sooner,” she muttered to herself before chuckling.

“What was that?” Kit questioned. Sarah shook her head,

“N- nothing. My life would be a lot less interesting without you two is all,” she said before helping Kit into a corner of the ring. “That’s enough punching Kit for one day.”

“Good, cus Timber can use this ring to practice for the finals…” Kit commented. Sarah glanced over.

“Finals?” Sarah questioned, having not been caught up to speed.

“Yeah, he won his match actually. That’s when it sorta happened. He was pumped full of adrenaline and angst. I was there for him, and we both got pumped-” Kit started to say before Sarah cut her off.

“Right, sorry I kinda forgot about all of that. Bit late, but congrats I guess Timber,” she sighed, giving her beat-up wolf a hug. He winced a bit, but appreciated it as he stroked her puffy tail.

“Thanks. Honestly though, it’s next week and I feel like crap. Maybe I can take today off,” he mumbled.

“That semi-final match beat you around that hard?” Sarah mused. Timber buried his face into her chest to ignore that question, not wanting to also cop out he got himself in a cage match after. Kit covered for him,

“Well, that little stag boy did have some moves,” the vixen shrugged.

“Alright. I’ll be at your side this point forward then...seems I’m the only one who can keep you from getting battered. But regardless, you and I are gonna have a talk OK? A civil one, and you can take a small break from getting yourself killed, OK?” Sarah asked.

“OK,” Timber repeated, grumbling a bit before Sarah got a bit stern.

“Hey. I love you, but watch out for yourself,” she said before cutting off any response with a kiss. Timber was happy to reciprocate. He didn’t have the strength to completely pick her up, but he did brush her tail before resting against the opposite ring rope. Kit was off to the side, just glad she only took one hit to the face from Sarah, amazed she could throw a hook.

Maybe I, don’t kill the moment, Kit ultimately decided, sitting against the opposite corner. She huffed, her eyes refocusing as the two made out in front of her.

“Man, I need a boyfriend,” she chuckled to herself. A few more moments passed and she realized things wouldn’t slow between the wolf and the squirrel. “...Hey guys if the owner walks in here and sees this, I’m gonna get an earful,” the vixen complained, though she was promptly ignored as the two continued. She facepalmed, "Guess I deserved that one."
Furry Fist Chronicles CH 5
All's Well That Ends Well-

So Kit's grandmaster plan enacts. Nobody ever said she was a genius. Thing's go to the ring, technically continuing my accidental pattern of 'fight' 'talk' 'fight'. Sarah doesn't want to blame anyone, but you can't blame her for being wary.

OK 2017 has been a fine year for me in a few aspects. Working my own stories is NOT one one of them, I'm ashamed to say this is my first solo project of 2017 finished. But hey at least this one's in time for Valentines day(I got a bit under 2 hours technically so shhhh). This is nowehre near enough, and the scene was admittedly hard to do since I gave myself the task of making all three of these people not unlikeable in this scenario. Let this be a lesson kiddos. Did my best, I'll keep doing my best but the worst is really kind of over.

The bright side is throughout 2017 we'll hopefully see some fruits of my co-op labors, but as it is I have my schedule- Furry Fist(which I just did), Court of Owls: Norths Legacy, Virtua Dome(brand new addition), and Resistance in The Outlier. I had some success following that and I gotta get back up to par. Any extra stuff might make it's way in, but no promises yet. Happy belated New Year, I have the app on my phone now so let's see what we can do here!
Happy late new years; after knocking off some favor fics, I've admittedly got some ways off before getting back on track. But hey, 2017's a new time. Two trailers dropped today. Logan which was pretty good, nice setup for this kind of setup, and Power Rangers. 

Now, it's probably not come up to many people, but I do like Power Rangers a fair deal. Was a nice part of my childhood and I've gone back to Netflix ones I've missed or am nostalgic for. Good fun if you know what you're in for and I've even watched a few of the Japanese Sentai's(where PR gets the footage and suits) and a few of those are a boatload of fun with a different tone and cultural aspects. So since I'm a bit versed, gonna go ahead and see what I got in opinion. I honestly doubt I'm this film's main demographic but as a rule of reviving a franchise, you'd think there is something for someone who likes the original version.

*Redemption story: alright, was not digging Angel Grove being a shit hole and these kids being edgelords/outcasts/emos/whatever you call em. But the idea of them becoming better people through the power is interesting. It's a classic storytelling device and ideally it raises less than savory characters to becoming greater. I'm willing to see if this pans out.
*Zordon- CG Bryan Cranston looks fantastic. The longshot reminds me of the 90s movie design. Good stuff, don't give the guy terrible puns or anything and it'll be well done.
*Action!: there is some. The suits flow well. There's Zord action and putties(?) might make for a few fun encounters. Rangers look like they'll get messed up, that's good. Should be exciting.
*The Command Center- Alien aesthetic totally works here. Weird organic look is nice and there'ss enough lighting so its not dull. Good change. Avoided the gray and brown is what's real thing we've got going.
*Rita's staff: Is that the green ranger coin I see? Very nice easter egg there, Im totally down with a reboot trying to make sense of something that wasnt explained in the original's more simplistic source material(Rita waits like 15 episodes before breaking that out?). Here, it looks like shes actively using it. Maybe they snap the staff in the end, and she needs a new conduit in a post credit scene...
*Possibilities: Maybe whoever gets it now is some pretty boy with a good evil laugh. Or even she gets a hand from a certain muscle bulging villain(who better be the most terrifying thing ever). If this is good enough to have a sequel, they can take it many places.

*Goldar- Uh....thats a lot of gold. The Megazord i at least am warming up to. Goldar not so much. Can't say how the fight goes, but a glorified mirror match is hopefully not what we get. Regardless of what you think of the style it's a shame that a unique design gets reduced to golden version of their Megazord.
*Pacing- I've got the feeling this is gonna feel like a 100 minute episode of the show. Not like a two parter or a nuanced origin reboot...just stretch out each phase of a given origin show. Adding in the training sequences or a real plot twist or something might alleviate a really telegraphed plot.
I'm not looking forward to the 'real world issues' portion if they're to the level of the first trailer. Now this trailer was not as dank(dictionary definition)as the first trailer, but given the humor that broke up the 'serious' scenes I'm wondering what they're going for. Not enthusiastic. When did the definition of 'modernize' become make it gritty and edgy? It's possible to make something so gritty it shoots well past realism and into over-the-top.
*Alpha- Ya know some things aren't worth translating to a different media. I get that more than some I think. Bill Hader is a funny man, but I am not looking forward to whatever lines they're gonna make him read for this to keep in line with 'spirit' of his role. Don't want that ruining any possible cool scenes with Zordon.
*Music- I don't need Kanye West ever. Please don't tell me there's a bunch of pop songs on here? Say what you will about every other aspect of Power Rangers, but those guitar riffs and leitmotifs deserve to be wedged in your head for a reason. They're good. I don't expect them to bring in Ron Wasserman(though they should, hes great), this is an action series and music should reflect that.

On the fence;
*Rita's everything else- That one line she spoke in the trailer was weirdly gravely. Not sure what shes going for. Physically looks like cues from minor elite minion Scorpina(tho shes hot so thats fine). Im content with her being a damn good boss fight, but im worried it will be for naught.
*The Suits- they seem to move fine, motions not an issue right now and am not picky with CG. Hopefully they'll have some weight to them when the fight scenes hit and we can see how powerful(heh) these guys are. The Guyver-esque alien suits are fine, but not a fan of the bug eyed visors. Always been picky with my ranger helmets though. Also why do we see the faceplates off when they're in the megazord? Reminds me of some scans online from the 90s movie where they tried filming with the visor and mouthpieces removed so the actors could emote. Thats no bueno.
*The Megazord- bit underwhelmed. The individual zords seem fine in motion, kinda worried itll look too generic. Ive seen 'realistic' sketches of the old school megazord and it looks fantastic. Still, it moves well, though wonder if theyll do a pacific rim style combat with slow precise movements. The megazords were never fast gundam-like speeds, more about as fast as a stuntman could move in those suits mixed in with CG for acrobatics, but the fights have to be well paced. Also I wanna see that thing in at least two fights. If the thing only fights Goldar at the end Ill be annoyed(see pacing). A show has an episode coming next week, a film takes more time especially with these effects. An audience needs more bang for their buck than 3 minutes.

Overall- i wanna look at the details and think whoever is doing this knows what their doing and has their best intentions- but still looks like a 2010s reboot. Which is a shame, cus 5 costumed heroes with a giant robot and a damn good budget in 2017. That stuff's done well individually.
Hurm, wonder who could've written that...

I had to share this line from something a friend and I are working on: “Hey two of the people in this group are part animal and housekeeping for the barracks is done by a psychic back home, don’t look at me like I’m a nut job because I came prepared for Fairfolk.”

34 deviations
OOC: For proper context, please read this one first.…

Farah: “You can make it up to me later. How about you start asking some questions?”

The ferret looked annoyed as she stared down the foxy interviewer, but she did agree to have a sitdown with him. Without breaking stride, the Interviewer procured a paper and pen to jot down what had gone down before. The rickety castle wasn't his usual Interview room, but the weather could've been worse as he spoke.

Interviewer: Yes of course, we can do it here. Your reputation proceeds you, tales of your conquests weren't hard to find, finding you was a slightly different matter.

Farah: “I try to keep it that way. How did you find me?”

Interviewer: "Well it wasn't easy like I said. I asked around if anything it's only because you did not move around much between rumors of your activity. Someone with your pedigree can be picked out of the crowd by a sharp enough eye."

The Fox was careful in selecting his words, but he clearly admired Farah. Farah mentally noted it was time for a move.

Farah: “I see, well I can’t be absolutely invisible. Heh, could use that though.”

Interviewer: "It's to your credit I took as long as I did, to be honest. Despite my appearance, I have some experience as a mercenary. I would not want to be hunting you as a professional job. No this is purely because I think you're quite a spectacle."

Farah: “Oh? You flatter me. Please tell me more.”

Interviewer: "Well, you're almost like no other thief I've ever come to hear about...scratch that, you are definitely one of a kind. It's hard to really place your allegiances but something in me says you are not a bad person."

Farah: “Dear boy, sweetums. I am allegiant to myself of course. But though I am a thief I have ethics, I don’t kill unless I have to. I don’t steal from those who are poor, and I always wash behind my ears.”

Interviewer: “Well, hygiene is very important.”

The fox mused playfully,hoping she continued.

Farah: “So I’ll let you decide. I’m selfish, I’ll admit but there are worse people.”

Interviewer: Selfish is hardly a character flaw when you get down to it. You're a girl who knows what she wants."

Farah nodded.

“You got that right cutey. I take what I want, the more challenging the better.”

The fox blushed, stammering for a few seconds before he could get his next question up.

Interviewer: "Indeed uh...oh! Well, I'm sure a challenge is what you started out with, but may i ask where it started? Necessity? Pettiness? I am of course not meaning disrespect as I throw out guesses."

Farah: “Necessity. I grew up on the streets, I learned the basics till I was apprenticed with the thieves guild.”

Interviewer: My condolences. Not that you're unhappy currently, just that my curiosity gets the better of me and I want every angle imaginable for my showcase. Of course if you wish this part to be off the record..."

Farah: “No it’s fine. I won’t tell about thieves guild inductions or secrets though. I mastered the art and learned to fight. I refined my skills. Sleight of hand for one.”

Farah held up a small device which had been on the fox’s wrist.

Farah: “Now this is an interesting doohickey.”    

Interviewer: That's interesting, doesn't loo-...

The interviewer started to say before he recognized it as his device. He quickly felt his hand, finding the device missing from there.

Interviewer: Heh, very...very fast hands you have there. Do be careful there.

Farah: “What is it anyway?”

She asked with a smirk.

Interviewer: It’s a fairly volatile device I keep in my possession.

Farah: “If it’s volatile why keep it on your person? Seems like that is the last place you’d want it.”

She said handing is back. The Interviewer made sure he had it back before speaking.

Interviewer: "Well it's also very useful magic."

Farah: “I don’t play around with magic. Though I do have this.”

She held up a small silver talisman.

Interviewer: "Oohh, pray tell what is that? I’ll share mine if you do yours."

Farah: “It’s a ward to protect me from dark magics. Curses, evil spirits and the like. Very important to have in my line of work.”

Interviewer: "Smart. Most people in our lines of work make the mistake of not being superstitious. You have an unfortunate run in prior?"

Farah: “No I just heard stories. So I stole this little trinket for myself.”  

Interviewer: “Well that's lucky. Hmm, I have no black magic to test on you, so i hope it works out."

Farah: “Hasn’t failed yet, I had a few angry sorcerers try to hex me. It’s so funny seeing their faces when the spells fail. They get so mad.”

Interviewer: "Then you stab em?"

Farah: “Sometimes, though a lot know they can harm me indirectly, like fireballs next to me, or summoning minions.”  

Interviewer: That is a bad catch. Was just indulging some dark humor. Suppose i get to share now. Take a step back."

Farah twitched an ear before complying. The interviewer cracked his neck before raising the arm the device was on. He focused on it for a second before a fully formed 8 foot spear appeared into his hand.

Farah wrung her hands “Such magic. That is definitely a useful device, I might have to steal it again.”

He couldn’t tell if she was joking or not. Regardless, the device seemed to clamp harder onto his hand. He shook it out nervously

Interviewer: "I would prefer you not. I admire you greatly, but I wouldn hate to be responsible for whatever trouble you got into for a weapon summoner."

Farah: “That’s what it’s called huh? I’m jealous. I just have to make do with my various weapons.”

Interviewer: "It does cut down on weight, hehe. Though you're good enough to not mind"

Farah: “You think so? I prefer not to fight directly if I can, but if I’m pushed to I do.”

Interviewer: "I'm trained in plenty of methods, though my reputation and training mainly focuses on weapon combat. Though I'm flexible, trained in over 100 styles of combat."

The interviewer was extremely proud of that statement.

Farah: “Interesting, I just learned how to fight on the streets. The guild taught me the shortsword. I learned the axe myself, also picked up some more unarmed techniques.”

Interviewer: "Well it works for you. Though you also learned your craft on the streets, yes?"

Farah: “Nothing beats experience on the streets.”

Interviewer: "It equates to battle-tested, so can't disagree there. Still, my isn't a good thing to have to live without. Err, i assume you were an orphan of sorts."

Farah merely nodded.

Interviewer: "if that's a sore topic, please let me know, I don't shut up sometimes."

Farah: “It’s not, I never knew them. I’ve learned to live without them.”

The interviewer seemed sad to hear that one.

Interviewer: “I’m sorry. Speaking personally, I’m big on family. Wish you’d had the opportunity to decide.”

Farah merely shrugged.

Farah: “I’ll never know so, no need to whine about it.”

Interviewer: “Alright, very well. We can skip those questions. You got into fights you mentioned. Any particular threats early on you had to contend with on the streets?”

Farah: “Oh so many! Rival thieves, city watch, crazy vagrants. Oh, and of course the wealthy trying to trod on me. Heh, I trod on them now. Oh, is that a priceless heirloom? Mine now!”

Farah giggled a bit.

Farah: “I do so enjoy my work.”

Interviewer: Sounds like all fun and games when you describe things. Pretty sure you had to have disdain for someone.”

Farah: “Well my first big job I made sure to go after a noble who was rude to me. Sure didn’t see that coming.”

Interviewer: “You always seem to get the upper hand in the end. Suppose that’s what makes you a fascinating person.”

Farah: “I believe in being the cleverest. You know what I mean? Thinking ahead.”

Interviewer: “The guile hero who can topple anyone with their mind, regardless of strength. Yeah, I’m familiar with the concept.”

Farah: “Never heard that term before, and I wouldn’t call myself a hero. I’m far too selfish, just being honest.”

Interviewer: “At the moment I suppose...and it’s a wordsmith’s phrase, no need to ever hear it again. So, never done anything altruistic?”

Farah: “I have a reputation to uphold. I would never do something like that.” (She nodded her head affirmative though)

Interviewer: “Ah, well, what an interesting response. Suppose I’m a big softie then. A village in trouble usually catches my eye. Then again, I’m not a member of the thieves guild.”

Farah: “Heh, well I am independent now. Too good, but not interested in being head thief.”

Interviewer: “Just don’t like making friends then? You seem a responsible sort so worry there...that couldn’t possibly be it.”

Farah: “I just operate better alone.”

Interviewer: “Shame, I’d have offered a job later now that I have you here. Oh, you work alone. Don’t stick your neck out for others. Truly an enigma you are, my usual questions haven’t procured much.”

Farah: “Wait… go back to the job offer part. I can be flexible. I can work with others, it’s just you don’t know when someone will double cross you.”

Interviewer: “True. I mean, I like to put faith in people, but I do have a unit I move with...guess it makes me able to take those risks.. And if nothing else, you’ve been honest about where you stand. You’ve never had anyone you could trust...I find that saddening.”

Farah: “Spare me the pity. There was one or two. But I never stayed around longer than I needed too.”

Interviewer: “I’ve always been a band of brothers type, so I’ll spare you the pity, but it comes from an honest place. Can you tell me about them since it’s no big deal?”

Farah: “Well, there was a female fox. She and I got shanghaied for a job, robbing the biggest vault in an otter nation. We were being used by foreign powers to do their dirty work you see, there were others too. But when this band was faced with a haul of gold everyone turned on each other. Gold fever.”

She paused.

Farah: “But not her, she just wanted out of there. So did I, but we both ended up fighting the bear that was the muscle.”

Interviewer: “Was he not focused on the gold?”

Farah: “Oh he was, he wanted it all for himself and had already done in the mystic, the digger, and the insideman.”  

Interviewer: “So he just wanted to be thorough….did the Fox get out of that scuffle with you?”

Farah: “Yeah, we beat him and made a break for it. She’d hurt her leg while fighting, so I left her with a healer and some gold. I haven’t seen her sense, probably for the best. I’d like to keep memories pleasant.”  

The interviewer couldn’t hide a small smile as she finished the story.

Interviewer: “I’d like to think so. But we’ve covered I can be a fool. Still, damn decent of you to not leave her before she got the healer. If nothing else, I can trust you that plans for a protege either?”

Farah: “Not yet anyway. I wouldn’t wish the thieves life for everyone, perhaps when I’m older and I meet someone who just has the gift and the desperation.”

Interviewer: “Noted. As weird as it is, I do hope you find someone. Being alone for too long sucks.”

Farah: “I make do, I love my job.”

Interviewer: “You really are a nice person.”

Farah: “That’s adorable that you think so.”

Interviewer: “Haven’t given me reason tot hink otherwise.And I’ve been trying.”

Farah: “So what do you think of me?”

Interviewer: “You adapted to a rough upbringing. Not many could’ve survived what you went through, let alone come out on top. Mostly just that. And you’ve stabbed your fair share of people. Though not as many in the back, more so face to face while they had their weapon drawn.”

Farah: “Oh, stop it. You make me sound like I’m noble or something. You’re making me blush under the fur.”

Interviewer: “I admit, I do like to put my people up on a pedestal a little bit, but it’s what I’ve gathered. I far. You’re not noble then.”

Farah: “Is being a thief noble?”

Interviewer: “Noble thieves are an oxymoron, but I’ve seen it.”

Farah: “We I just live my life, I’ll let others decide what my actions are. Noble or petty.”

Interviewer: “Except me. You don’t seem to agree with anything I see.”

Farah: “Maybe I just like arguing for the sake of it.”

Interviewer: “Ah, one of those…”

The interviewer began to chuckle. Farah smirked.

Farah: “You’ve had experience with that.”

Interviewer: “Of course I have, I’ve been around the block.”

Farah: “Well, then. You got any other questions? Want me to steal something.”

Interviewer: “No no, nothing so brief. More adventure party. That’s what I eyed you for.”

She twitched her tail

Farah: “I’m listening.”

Interviewer: “I’d be willing to pay you up front for...three adventures. But uh...well, since you don’t like other people, I dunno if you’d be interested…”

Farah: “Paid up front? No,no. I can work with others.”

Interviewer: “I can’t guarantee there won’t be ego clashing. And I respect you enough to give such forewarning.”

Farah: “Appreciate that,”

Interviewer: “But you’re in. And you’ll...try, maybe even turn out half as much a good person as I think you are?”

Farah: “No guarantees.”

Interviewer: “Any guarantees you can make?”

Farah: “The job will be done.”

Interviewer: “And I want you to be safe…”

Farah: “Yes, yes. No unnecessary risks.”

Interviewer: “My client’s protections are above most other things.”

Farah: “Sure. Don’t worry yourself.”

The interviewer just smirked at that before holding a hand to shake on the deal. Farah took it.

Farah: “What now?”

Interviewer: “Well, I’m paying you so I’d say we’re close to friends. One second.”

The interviewer turned his back to Farah before walking over to a nearby column to retrieve something, his guard completely down and the money most likely there. Farah considered going through it, but that was bad business with an employer. The Interviewer took a bit to grab it, almost like an invitation to backstab him and take the cash. She resisted the temptation. If he turned out to be a bad employer though, she’d rob him blind.

Interviewer: “There we go, sorry bout that. Just had to count it all,”

With that, the Interviewer handed three bags full of gold. His arm seemed a bit tired as he held it.

Interviewer: “3500 gold pieces. That’s the currency here, right?”

Farah: “Correct.”  

Interviewer: “That seem excessive in any way?”

Farah: “What’s excessive? I have no concept of that word.”

Interviewer: “Then is this amount enough?”

Farah: “It will suffice,”

Interviewer: “Excellent. There may be more in it for you if things go well. I trust you’ll be worth every pence”

And like that, he handed over the gold

Farah: “I am to please.” Farah said with a grin.

Interviewer: “Good, my standards are fairly high, but understandable. These will be at later dates, can you handle a need to know basis?”

Farah: “That depends, I’m curious by nature. But if it’s vague enough that I can make some guesses I can handle it.”

Interviewer: “Of course. These are primarily for your safety of course, as we covered. Do you have a place to stay tonight?”

Farah: “The Rusty Dagger, Inn.”

Interviewer: “Then we’re good here. It’s been a pleasure…you really aren’t a bad girl. Definitely won’t refuse a generous offer, but that’s hardly anything.

The interviewer held out a hand for her again and Farah shook it.

Farah: “I promise I did not just pick your pocket. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.”

With that, the Interviewer picked up his brimmed hat before tipping it, doing his best to be charming and telling her she was free to go. Farah collected her things, pulled her cloak around her and slipped away.
Out of Universe Interviews- Farah the Ferret Thief
A collab with my boy MercenaryBlade  about his latest greatest creation; an irreverent Ferret thief who enjoys a bit of mischief and a lot of gold. Our friend who only goes by 'The Interviewer' was tailing his would-be interviewee as usual, but he underestimated Farah's hairtrigger. See how that went down here:…

Luckily, somehow the interview has gone off regardless, though Farah is unlike any subject The Interviewer has took interest in before and she is happy to make things a battle of wits.

Farah is owned by Merc-y boy and the interviewer is a creation of mine. 
Alight, well we did get our two winners for New Storyline Choice winners. The rest are put in a reject pile for anyone to look over in interest(that's probably what those extra pings are about Watchers. Sorry...). But following MercenaryBlade 's advice, I actually slightly altered infos and put official titles for all. Maybe some traction will happen for down the road, but in honor of May the 4th be with you, the Star Wars fic chapter went up first. Both the original chapter in the contest and a followup are in a folder of their own and on my page. On the fence if the other winner(Virtua-Dome) or Furry Fist Chronicles goes up next, but'll be good either way. Also I moved around a few folders and added details, so check it. 

Hope to see you guys around, I just noticed 5000+ views so I'ma have to find out something nice for that, Ill accept any suggestions. Thanks all! Sorry for being so quiet(Math 80 9 week course...yikes, lemme tell you. But hey, apparently an Administration of Justice/English Major has to get that shit in...go figure). Til I get my next project up, check out these lovely people;

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